E-Crane International USA, Inc.

E-Crane International USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Idusign N.V., a Belgian engineering company.  ECI-USA is the exclusive provider of marketing, sales, engineering, product support, and spare parts for the E-Crane product line in North and South America.

The "E" in E-Crane stands for Equilibrium.  The design is based on a parallelogram style boom that provides a direct mechanical connection between the counterweight and the load.  ensuring that the E-Crane remains balanced throughout its working range.  Compared to conventional cranes that require as much as 80% of their available energy just to move the boom, stick, and grab, the E-Crane makes gravity work for you instead of against you, reducing horsepower requirements and power consumption by up to 50%, and significantly reducing maintenance and operating costs.

The E-Crane series offers models with up to 50 tons duty cycle capacity and 150 ft/50m horizontal outreach.  Its modular design allows each E-Crane to be tailor-made to the client's specific requirements.

Reibus is an online B2B marketplace for prime, excess prime and obsolete materials used in industrial, transportation, and construction markets. Our long-term goal is to be the leading global B2B marketplace for industrial products including metal coils and flat sheets. Unlike other passive sites that merely list products, Reibus combines in-depth product knowledge and supply chain expertise allowing us to provide a full e-commerce experience to mills, service centers and fabricators. Our platform matches supply and demand of metals while achieving greater reach, price performance and efficiency versus the current fragmented network that has traditionally served industrial markets.

Sam Gajdostik, Head of Marketing and Communications - 414.308.5836

Atlantic Logistics

Founded in 2001 by Evie and Bob Hooper, Atlantic Logistics has enjoyed several years of top line profitability, an increasing customer base, and regional and national recognition for employee satisfaction. Beginning in 2003 Atlantic Logistics has been helmed by Robert Hooper Ph.D. who, continuing with his parents' vision and leadership style, has seen the company expand operations by opening second office and adding additional staff. 2021 was a record-breaking year, as Atlantic Logistics moved nearly 31,000 shipments valued at $41 Million.  Since the company's inception Atlantic Logistics successfully delivered over 230,000 shipments through more than 16,000 qualified carriers.

The Bradbury Group

The Bradbury Group provides lean manufacturing, scrap reduction, and increased efficiency with our slitting lines, cut-to-length lines, and starpping and packaging solutions.  We offer a complete line of entry equipment, he patened Bradbuty e-drive® leveler, hydraulic, mechanical, flying, and rotary sheares, and material handling solutions that will change your bottom line.

Modern Metals

In 2019, Modern Metals celebrated 75 years of covering the metals industry.  Long regarded as the premier publication among metal service centers, fabricators and OEM/end users, Modern Metals has build a long-standing reputation by reporting on day-to-day business operations as well as company profiles, processing technologies, distribution and production, industry news and market trends in every issue.